24 May 2024
Class 2 - Y3, Y4
for showing independence with her learning. Isla is developing a positive attitude to her work and is working really well.
Y3 Y4 - Class 2
24 May 2024
Class 2 - Y3, Y4
for showing aspiration in all her work. Annie sets herself high standards and always strives to achieve them.
Y3 Y4 - Class 2

'Purple Ribbon Award' List 2023-24

Award Date Name Reason
17 May 2024 Henry for showing aspiration and respect. Showing great interest in our RE & understanding of different faiths & beliefs. He is able to think about the similarities and differences and make thoughtful observations.
17 May 2024 Poppy for showing our school values of friendship & respect. Poppy always things about other people and makes sure that they are 'OK'! She is a super role model to others and a pleasure to have in class.
10 May 2024 Daisy For challenging herself at Carlton Lodge and showing true resilience after not even wanting to put the harness on, Daisy climbed to the very top of the High Ropes and did the leap of faith.
26 Apr 2024 Tilia Tilly has been a star in class. She is enthusiastic and always tries her best. She is aspirational in everything she does.
26 Apr 2024 Harvey Harvey has been working hard with his reading. He is showing aspiration and resilience and it is really paying off. He is enthusiastic in English lessons and will NOT STOP WRITING!
19 Apr 2024 Peggy for being a star! Peggy is a good friend and always makes sure everyone is OK. She is hard working and always tried her best in class.
19 Apr 2024 Endinako for working really hard in all her lessons. She has shown aspiration and resilience, especially in Maths. She is a fraction Queen!
12 Apr 2024 Ben for showing aspiration and resilience in all his work. Ben sets himself high standards and enjoys the challenge. He shows resilience and never gives up!
12 Apr 2024 Edward for his excellent attitude in literacy this week. Ted has tried really hard in Guided reading showing resilience and aspiration writing a detective story in his spare time!
15 Mar 2024 Isla For showing a much more mature attitude to her work. She has shown aspiration in her reading and maths and is really trying hard with her work!
15 Mar 2024 Mia For being such a star! She always works hard and tries her best. She has really impressed us all with her violin playing in our practise for the Easter Service too!
08 Mar 2024 Ben It's lovely to see Ben back on form! Ben has approached all his work with enthusiasm. He has shown great resilience over the last few weeks whilst he was ill.
08 Mar 2024 Daisy for her excellent attitude to her work. Daisy is showing independence and aspiration in everything that she does. She sets a great example to other children.
23 Feb 2024 Henry For continually trying his hardest in all his subjects and curriculum areas, showing how resilient he is!
23 Feb 2024 George For how hard he has tried in all his lessons this week- you are an excellent role model for our school!
09 Feb 2024 Endinako for having an excellent attitude to her work. Endi is showing our values of resilience and aspiration. Well done Endi!
09 Feb 2024 Harvey For showing our school value of resilience. Harvey has been trying extra hard with his work and it's lovely to see his enthusiasm.
02 Feb 2024 Benjamin Benjamin has shown great resilience over the last few weeks. He has an excellent attitude to his work and always tries his best.
02 Feb 2024 Tilia for always showing aspiration in all her learning. Tilly always sets herself challenges and approaches everything with enthusiasm. She ahs a real joy of learning.
26 Jan 2024 Ben Ben has got an excellent attitude to his work and is always aspirational in what he wants to achieve. He has done an excellent powerpoint for his optional History homework which he has shared with his class.
26 Jan 2024 Samuel Sam is really trying hard to concentrate on his work. He approaches everything with lots of enthusiasm and is trying hard to join up his handwriting.
20 Dec 2023 Annie For showing great resilience, she has really impressed everyone with her 'show must go on' attitude. Ensuring she was there to perform despite feeling poorly. Well done Annie!
20 Dec 2023 Poppy For being just super! Poppy consistently shows our school values of aspiration and resilience. She is a fabulous role model to other children.
08 Dec 2023 Peggy For showing independence and aspiration in DT. Peggy has made some super levers this week and used them to make a moving picture and a litter picker. Excellent!
08 Dec 2023 Ted For working very hard with his reading in school. Ted has been showing resilience and working really hard to organise himself. Excellent Ted, keep going!!
01 Dec 2023 Daisy For showing a have a go attitude in all areas of learning, for asking questions to support her learning and ensuring that she is always on task. Fantastic!!
01 Dec 2023 Mia For consistently working hard, applying herself, listening carefully and for completing most of her learning independently. Very Well Done!!
24 Nov 2023 Beatrice For always being conscientious and for aspiring to do her best in her learning and presentation of learning. Keep it up Bea!
24 Nov 2023 Tilly For showing such aspiration and independence in all of her work, all of the time. Very well done Tilly!!
17 Nov 2023 Henry For being a super star. For being a good friend and for showing such maturity and respect to all. Wonderful Henry, keep it up!!
17 Nov 2023 Sam For trying really hard to be independent in his learning. Completing tasks in a set time. Well done Sam!
27 Oct 2023 Poppy For showing our school values all around school and at all times. She is a friend to everyone and is resilient and aspirational all of the time.Well done!
27 Oct 2023 Ben For amazing independence and maturity. Well done for always giving everything your best shot and putting so much effort into your work. Fantastic Ben!
20 Oct 2023 Harvey For showing independence, Harvey has been working hard on everything and has a brilliant attitude to his work. Superb!
20 Oct 2023 Isla For showing our values of aspiration and resilience. She is working hard to improve her writing and has written an informative text about Sutton Hoo. Even using a joined up script! Fabulous Isla keep it up!!
13 Oct 2023 Beatrice For excellent work on her times tables, she practices and learns them independently. Fantastic!
13 Oct 2023 George For always trying to be independent in thoughts and actions,for making the right choices and encouraging others to do the same. Well done!
29 Sep 2023 Mia For having such a positive attitude to her work, she has shown aspiration in her History homework and has found out lots of fascinating facts. She is a great role model for all!
29 Sep 2023 Endi For showing our school values of independence and aspiration. Endi has done some fabulous homework showing her increasing knowledge of Anglo-saxons. Excellent Endi, keep it up!!
22 Sep 2023 Ben For starting the year with a mature and positive attitude to all that he does. Ben has shown resilience and independence coming into school and is an excellent role model for other children. Fantastic!!
22 Sep 2023 Daisy For showing aspiration, resilience and independence in all areas of learning. She has started the year with a fabulous attitude to all of her work. Excellent Daisy!!
15 Sep 2023 Henry For having a great attitude to his learning. He is always showing our values of aspiration and independence and has been a pleasure to have in the class. Fantastic Henry!!

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